Share Day Schedule
Announcing Share Day in music classes K-5:  Twice a year, each student will be asked to share an interest or talent that they have with their classmates during their regular music class.  (See schedule below)  They can tell about, do, or show something that is unique or important to them.  Please make sure that your student is prepared to share on their appointed day. Some acts I have seen in the past include:  magic, cup-stacking, bouncing a ball, gymnastics, dancing, karate, singing, reciting a poem.  We will also discuss and practice appropriate audience behavior. 4/5 graders will be graded on their preparedness and supportive, respectful audience behavior.

Fall Schedule
Thursday, Oct. 10th - Tomko, Zerr, Namba
Friday, Oct.11th - Fell, Williams
Monday, Oct.14th - Byers, Maugh, Criswell
Tuesday, Oct. 15th - Smith, Vander Veer
Wednesday, Oct. 16th - Kaschub, Adams, Coffey

Students wanting to participate in the school-wide Talent Show Extravaganza can use the spring Share Day class to audition or they can sign up for a private audition with Mrs. Boyd through Sign-up genius.  

Spring Schedule
Thursday, Mar. 12th - Tomko, Zerr, Namba
Friday, Mar. 13th - Fell, Williams
Monday, Mar. 16th - Byers, Maugh, Criswell. 
Tuesday, Mar. 17th - Smith, Vander Veer
Wednesday, Mar. 18th - Kaschub, Adams, Coffey