6th Grade

Welcome to sixth grade!

We are a community of scholars who strive for hands-on learning experiences, rich content, and in-depth discussions.  

Dear 6th Grade Scholars and Parents,

Your 6th grade Teachers and Paras have been thinking about you and hope that you had a restful summer break and are doing well. As we begin our remote learning plan, please know that this is a fluid plan that may change as we all get adjusted. We are all learning together! Any changes that may be made will be communicated immediately. In addition, please feel free to reach out to our teachers and paras with any questions or concerns. We are here to help! We can do this TOGETHER!


Aug 24, 2020 Remote Learning Begins
Letter for students and parents to explain Monday Aug. 24, 2020

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Delivery of learning:

  • Remote Learning:  Students attend virtually every day-they never enter the school building
  • Hybrid Learning: Students attend classes at Excel 2-3 days a week; the other days of the week they are attending classes virtually.

Types of Learners:

  • Virtual Learner: Student is attending his or her scheduled classes on-line.
  • In-Person Learner: Student will be attending his or her scheduled classes at Excel.  The In-person learners schedule will be based on last name.


  • Core Classes - These are language arts, math, and science/social studies.
  • Electives - Music, art, and PE
  • Homeroom/SEL (Social Emotional Learning): This is the classroom the student will remain in throughout the school day.  Teachers will rotate into the classroom to deliver instruction.
  • Cohort: A group of students that take all their classes together (whether virtually or in-person).  At times small groups may be pulled out of a single cohort for additional instruction.  Cohorts are built around math classes which include: Math 6, V-math, Math 7 for 6th grade, Math 7, Math 8, Algebra, and Geometry.


  • Schoology: Platform where attendance will be taken and classroom materials and resources are held. (Kathy P.T. is working on a program that will take attendance when a student logs in)  
  • Infinite Campus: Where grades and attendance are posted.
  • Zoom/Google Meets: Video platform used for direct instruction and discussion.


Schedule of Learning: Starting Week Tuesday September 8

  Sample Daily Schedule. 





Rolling Start


Music -  Boyd
PE - Pezzullo
Art - Humrich

9:18 -10:40 

Core 1

Lynch, Hares or Ham 

10:43 -12:21
(Hand wash/snack /mask break)

Core 2

Lynch, Hares or Ham 

12:24 - 1:07


Lynch, Hares or Ham 


Core 3

Lynch, Hares or Ham 


Rolling Dismissal


Lynch, Hares or Ham 

* all live classroom codes will be posted 5 minutes before class begins. *


Jeffco Parents Guide To Schoology Classroom

  • Please remind students that while using Google Chat, there is the "Google Vault"  and we have an entire record of everything they are saying and doing! They should NOT be inviting anyone else to join. They need to practice good digital citizenship in remote learning times! 

Click Here for Useful Login Usernames and Passwords



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Contact Us:  

Michelle Lynch 
6th grade Math 
303-467-2295  Ext. 118

Christine Hares 
6th grade Social Studies/Science 

303-467-2295  Ext. 119

Barb Ham
6th grade Literacy

303-467-2295  Ext. 117


Note: We will respond to emails according to Excel's policy, which is to respond within 24 hours on work days. This means that if I receive an email at 8:00 am on Friday, We may not respond until 8:00 am the following Monday

A Note About Homework

Homework can be accessed through Schoology.

According to the Parent/Student Handbook, your child can have around 60 minutes of homework plus reading time. Projects may take longer.
Student completing homework
If you find that your child’s homework is consistently taking over 90 minutes (with their sustained focus), please let us know.

Students and parents should  sign up with Campus to receive notifications for your student's current grades and missing assignments. Campus can send you a notification when assignments are scored (including missing assignments) or grade changes (below a certain %).

If something extraordinary were to occur on a school evening and your child was unable to complete their homework, please send a signed letter with them to school.

Late work will only be accepted until the end of the unit of which it’s from, and may receive no credit depending on how late it is.  Please check middle school late work policy.  

Middle School Success 

The power of "Yet" ......

A time of growth as we move through important  skills together as a team.

Please note, we are working really hard with your scholar. In the sixth grade we go through extensive and involved steps to help scholars  master the skills necessary for middle school.                           

    Pointers for having a good year:

Turn in all work on time 
Bring all of the necessary materials to class
Ask questions 
Use time wisely
Take good notes
Communicate with your teachers
Advocate for yourself

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