Eagles' Nest Cafe

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Lunch Schedule




K- 1

10:50 – 11:10

10:20 – 10:40


11:20 – 11:40

10:50– 11:10


11:50 – 12:10

11:20 – 11:40

Middle School 6

12:20 – 12:40

12:40 – 1:00

Middle School 7/8

12:40 – 1:00

12:20 – 12:40

  • Excel Academy has partnered with Revolution Foods to provide daily lunch services for $4.35. If a student requests a second lunch, your account will be charged $5.25. A la cart milk costs $.60.
  • Please make sure your student understands your wishes regarding purchasing lunches and milk. If your student requests a lunch or milk, we will provide it to them and bill your account.
  • Excel participates in the Federal Government’s Free and Reduced Lunch Program for qualifying families. See more information on the tab to the left.
  • Children are not allowed in the kitchen area. Volunteers bringing in additional children are responsible for the care of their own children.

Please alert the Cafeteria Manager of any food allergies that your child has.

The guidelines for Cafeteria behavior are:

1. All adult supervisors must be respected and their requests followed.

2. Cutting and saving places in line are not permitted.

3. Students should WALK into the Cafeteria.

4. Students should be seated while in the Cafeteria, and raise their hands to be dismissed.

5. All students are responsible for their own clean-up and tray return.

6. Students are expected to use inside voices when in the cafeteria.

7. Students may go to their lockers during regular passing times before and after lunch, not during lunch.

8. Students MUST HAVE a PASS to go to their lockers, classrooms or other areas in the building during lunch with the exception of the library.

9. All lunches are to be eaten in the Cafeteria unless there is a prearranged situation with the classroom teacher. You must have a pass if you are working with a teacher during lunch.

10. Eat all food or drink in the Cafeteria. All food and drink must be finished or thrown away before going out onto the playground.

11. Students may check out playground equipment from their teacher (elementary) or from the lunch paraprofessional (middle school).


Excel Academy has an online meal payment system, My MealTime, for adding funds to your child’s meal account and monitoring your child’s meal purchases.  Families can set up/register each child’s meal account at:  


Returning Families: use your same login. Be sure to at 136 in front of your student's number.
New Families: Please follow the prompts below to set up/register your child’s meal account.

STEP 1:  Register – Click on the “Register” button. Enter your birthdate (not your child’s). After reading the Terms of Use, click the box to agree to the terms. Next, enter your information to create your MyMealTime.com profile. Click “Register” when finished.

*Passwords must be at least 8 characters and include at least one upper case letter, one lower case letter, one number, and one special character.

Step 2:  Link Your Student - Click the “Add Student” button, then click “New”. Select Colorado and then type Excel Academy and click to select. Enter your student’s MealTime ID number.

Their MealTime student ID number will be their regular Jeffco student ID number with '136' at the front.
For example, if their student ID is 1234567, their MealTime ID will be 1361234567. Then you enter their first name only. Click “Add”. Repeat Step 2 as needed for additional students.

Step 3:  Make a Deposit - Click on “Home – Deposit Funds”. Click on the green “Add $” button and select the amount of the deposit.  Click “Go to Checkout”, or if you wish to make a deposit for another student, click “Add to Cart”.  Once you are finished entering payments, click “Go to Checkout” or click on the shopping cart icon in the upper right corner of your screen.

**Please note that there is a 4.9% processing fee per deposit transaction for online payments.  You may also make deposits to your child’s meal account by dropping off a check or cash at the front office.

The Secure Checkout window will open.  Verify that the payment amounts are correct, and click “Add a payment method” to enter your credit card information. Click “Save for future purchases” if you would like to save this card for future transactions. Click “Use/Save Payment Method”. Review the amount your credit card will be charged and click “Complete Transaction”.  Your child’s meal account balance will be updated after a synchronization process with the school’s cafeteria computer.