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Welcome to the wonderful world of music!

4/5 March 30 - April 3 Renaissance Unit Slide show on Google classroom.  Please use the following code to log into your Music Google classroom. 

Kaschub: Class Code: mh3iohw
Tomko:  Class Code: en3oz4r
Fell: Class Code: i6b5c3c
Byers:  Class Code: qki4lig
Smith:  Class Code: gqwmuu7

Talent Show Extravaganza which was to take place on April 17th has been cancelled.

Music On-Line learning information
3/16-3/18 2020

K-3 Lab Share with a family member your act you were going to do for Share Day. (explanation below) State your name clearly and introduce your act.  When your act is complete, bow so your audience knows you are done. Using the links below, talk with parents about what it means to be a good audience member. Choose one thing you can do to improve as an attentive, focused, positive audience member.

4-5 Lab  All Students join your specific Music Google Classroom.  Only Kaschub, Byers and Smith's class post a video of your act on Google Classroom by the end of the week to be graded. (Tomko and Fell's class have already had music for this rotation) ALL CLASSES:  Read the Concert Etiquette attachment below and fill out the Concert Etiquette Reflection page and submit on Google Classroom.

Kaschub: Class Code: mh3iohw
Tomko:  Class Code: en3oz4r
Fell: Class Code: i6b5c3c
Byers:  Class Code: qki4lig
Smith:  Class Code: gqwmuu7

Concert Etiquette
Good Audience Talking Points
4-5 Concert Etiquette Reflection

Musical - Please log onto our Google Classroom and complete the reflection piece by the end of the week.  I am so very proud of you marvelous, talented students.  Great job my friends.

Choir  - Join Choir Google Classroom, practice songs and review choreography for "Walk Through Life".  Please check Google Classroom a couple times during the week for updates on what to rehearse and assignments. 
Class Code:  qmc5dci

Share Day in Music Class K-5:  Twice a year, each student will be asked to share an interest or talent that they have with their classmates during their regular music class.  (See schedule below)  They can tell about, do, or show something that is unique or important to them.  Please make sure that your student is prepared to share on their appointed day. Some acts I have seen in the past include:  magic, cup-stacking, bouncing a ball, gymnastics, dancing, karate, singing, reciting a poem.  We will also discuss and practice appropriate audience behavior. 4/5 graders will be graded on their preparedness and supportive, respectful audience behavior.

Congratulations to our Elementary All State Participants!  Way to go Darby, Avery, Amaya, Emily, Wyatt, and Luke.

All State
K/1 Great job on your music program performance. I am so proud of you.  Thank you to Mrs. McDonald and NJHS for coming up with the decorations and to Mr. Roarty for running sound!
k/1 Decoration 
Look at these precious cuties!
K-1 Program

Highlights and Hoorays:

Great Job to my talented Musical Elective students.  You did such an amazing job and I was so proud of each of you.  I am sorry everyone who was planning on coming Friday night wasn't able to view your brilliance.  Darn Virus.