Humrich's Happenings
Humrich's Happenings
Humrich's Happenings

Happy Fall!!!
Kindergarten students are learning about Native American petroglyphs and pictographs. We will be creating our own 'rock' carvings out of clay. We are also creating pinch pots.

1st Graders are learning about cave art. We will be painting stories on our own 'cave' wall. Please come see our cave wall stories hanging in the art hall way.

2-3 students are learning about abstract art. We are currently doing a project using shapes and colors to create an abstract type of artwork.

4-5 students are learning about Islamic artwork. We will be comparing how Islamic art and Celtic art are different yet similar. The Islamic art test will be uploaded from Nov 17-Dec 3.
Click here to access the 4/5 Islamic Art test.

The Middle School Sculpture class has begun. We will be using clay and paper mache' to make various animal sculptures.