Humrich's Happenings
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Humrich's Happenings

Happy Spring!!!
Kindergarten students are learning about the elements of art. We are learning how important line, shape, and color are in our artwork.

1st Graders are learning about Vincent van Gogh's sunflower paintings. We are creating our own large flower masterpieces.

2-3 students are do a unit on different styles of Japanese influenced art. Our first project is Notan design. We are exploring the concept of negative and positive space in our designs. Our second project is 'fish painting'. Our third Japanese project is a Batik project. We will be using resist on fabric and then painting our fabric designs with acrylic ink.

4-5 students are finishing their Islamic artwork project. This project is due on Jan 18. Some students have chosen to take their projects home to finish them. Please make sure they are returned for grading.

6th grade art class will be reviewing the art history timeline and then we will learn more about Renaissance art. We will be doing four projects, a portrait, a clay gargoyle, a fibinanci art piece, and learning how to shade and shadow. 

The Middle School Mixed Media class is working on their first project, a mosaic with stone tiles.