Field Study Information
Tuesday May 21st  
  • 8th graders going to Elitch Gardens Optional Field Study.  
  • Those 8th graders staying back will be with the 7th graders and participating in Field Day.

Rules for Elitch Gardens:
  • Please remember YOU must pick up your child at Elitch Gardens between 4 & 4:15 pm on May 21st.  There is no bus back to school, since Jeffco buses cannot accommodate us past 1 pm.   This was on the field study permission form.
  • Also, no one is allowed to take food into the park.   You must have money for food, or have bought a meal plan for lunch.  You may bring an unopened water bottle.   If you are using a season pass make sure to have it authorized before May 21st.

Read Elitch Gardens Tips/Rules (below) which will help you with planning: